Remote Coaching/ Services

Remote Coaching
Remote Coaching is for those will highly specified goals, those who want a training program completely tailored to their needs, or those aiming to compete at the highest level.

-Initial consultation in person, or via Skype/Phone to gather necessary information.
-Initial assessment of abilities via structural balance testing, energy system testing, and movement capabilities. Use of YouTube, Vimeo, or other available video services is encouraged to get a better idea of your capabilities.
-Training is then designed for you based on your initial assessment, your goals, and your lifestyle.
-Your training program is e-mailed weekly upon review of your latest results. Frequent review is done to ensure optimal progress.
-Q&A every 8 weeks to ensure things are going well, to discuss to best direction moving forward, and to clarify any and all issues you may have.
-There is ongoing email, phone and text support related to your training program, training results, and nutrition questions provided on a 24/7 basis.
-Spots are available

Facility Program Design:

HPA is now offering Exclusive Coaching for Fitness Facilities! During the initial consultation we establish an understanding for your community as a whole. From there we put the group through a testing phase based on the short and long term goals we have established. Once we collect the data, we design a custom program that reflects your member’s specific needs and limitations. Some potential benefits of using HPA’s Facility Program Design:

-Allow masters in design to take the guessing work out of programming
-Get your clients stronger and more balanced which is key to athletic development and  injury prevention
-Optimal Programming Prescription to avoid burnout
-Peak your member’s for specific competitions and events(Local Comps, CrossFit Open, Tough Mudder, etc)
-Level Classes or Focus Groups if desired
-Set your business apart from the other facilities around you
-More free time to focus on client relations
-More personal freedom to work on you business or other endeavors

Coaching Consultation:
If you want to have a discussion on how to prioritize your training year, want help with programming for one of your athletes, want help programming for your gym, or want to discuss any topic not listed, feel free to set up a 1 hour long consultation with any of the HPA coaches.
Nutrition/ Lifestyle Consultation:
Inquire for details

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