About/ Our Team

High Performance Athlete (HPA) was established in July of 2014 as resource for coaches in athlete in various fields of sport.
Our Goal is to educate those in the fitness community about methods of optimizing performance via best practices in hopes of helping others real self actualization.
HPA brings proven training methods, enhanced nutritional prescriptions, & lifestyle intervention/ recovery protocols to the table that cannot be duplicated. 


Kyle Tiringer:
Kyle developed a devotion to sports and fitness at an early age, competing in wrestling, Football and Kickboxing. He attributes the time and effort he put in to these sports that have given him the work ethic to become the type of coach he is today.  He is constantly challenging himself and others to achieve their goals and the lessons he has learned from these fields have given Kyle the tools to become an incredible coach. His ability to instill confidence, teach, and motivate athletes ensure that you will be getting the most out of your training sessions.

Co-Owner Port Crossfit since 2010
– Attended & Studied OPEX Exercise Physiology Courses: Assessment, Program Design,
– Attended & Studied OPEX Lifestyle Coaching and Lifestyle Coaching Module
– Studied Charles Poliquin PICP- Level 1 Course
-CrossFfit Level 1 Certified
-CrossFit Movement & Mobility
-CrossFit Powerlifting
-CrossFit Speed & Endurance
-USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
– Other Courses Studied:  CSCS, NASM CPT, Precision Nutrition
– Program Design written by Michael Fitzgerald from Optimum Peformance Calgary since June 2013
-Experience in CrossFit specific Program Design since 2010
-Experience with international clients
-Designs Exercise programs &trains athletes from Professional Levels to grade school; including but not limited to, MLL Lacrosse, college level Football, college level women’s softball, Ice Hockey Prep., High School Tennis, High School Football and more.
– Placed top 100 or better in CrossFit Games Open 2011-2015
-Undefeated Amateur American Kickboxing
-Bachelor’s Degree, Economics & Business Management from Stony Brook University


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